Hidden menu in Android

Hidden menu in Android, Android hides a special menu which gives access to a large amount of very detailed information on the use, battery and wi-fi, but not only. To access them just follow a simple procedure, and voila you will be catapulted into a page with different sections, which will certainly not require the downloading of at least 3-4 applications (albeit free) from the Market. Here’s how to know everything on your phone, thanks to special secret menu.

Secret that is a rather open secret: To access the hidden menu simply click on the icon of the calls (the phone that you find on the homescreen or menu inside). Then you must dial the number * # * # 4636 # * # * being careful to enter the gates and the asterisks in the right places. As soon as you click through the last gate, the menu will open.

The first information telephone voice says. Clicking it will get some kind of comprehensive report on the user as a personal phone number, IMEI number and network ID to which you are engaged. You can view the signal level, perform a ping test, turn off the cellular signal or set the preferred network type.

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