smartphones running Android

smartphones running Android, Really insane as fun for its absurdity this survey of a sample of Canadians not so limited. We’re talking about 1068 people who responded to requests for Zoomerang for the dating site for singles (and beyond) The result is a symbolic leadership of the “victorious of the first appointment” overwhelming for Android.

Spoken by 62 percent of users with smartphones running Android that once they hit against 57 percent of iPhone with IOS and 48% of the Blackberry that in the end is still widely seen as the most professional smartphones of the park smart phones. But the curiosity does not end here because it has also taken a second look.

The possibility that the close encounter of the first evening you do not have a. The 55% of owners of Android would fall into this category compared with 50% to 47.6% of iPhone and Blackberry. The reason of this domain Android OS against rivals would be identified in the habit of Google OS users to visit dating sites (and related apps).