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volume apkVolume+ (Volume Boost) – There are various android applications that you must install it on your android-phone or android tablet. Among them is Volume+ (Volume Boost) that a short while ago updated to new version. Volume+ (Volume Boost) can be downloaded right from Google Play Store that the link can be acquired on this post. In the meantime, below is information of the application.

Features of Volume+ (Volume Boost) android

There is certainly a lot of features which you can find in Volume+ (Volume Boost). Here are full features of the application, including new features in Volume+ (Volume Boost)

Millions of people blame bad headphones for low-quality music, well put the blame where it belongs; your phone and the audio software. Volume+ can fix the issue system wide. Using Volume+ your phone will get a boost in bass, treble, and if you’re using our presets, you can finally experience the quality of music that you truly deserve. Being system wide, Volume+ works with Google Music, Pandora, Slacker, and every other music software on your device (that doesn’t have a built in EQ). Volume+ might not get you the same experience that you get with those over priced headphones, but what we can promise you is that for $2, you will get music that is finally worth listening to.

There may be issues on certain custom ROMs.

What’s new in Volume+ (Volume Boost)

What’s in this version:

– NEW v1.9.0.1 –
– Brought back the volume list
– v1.9.0.0 –
– UI Overhaul
* Settings completely changed
* Sliders automatically adjust to show pre-sets
* Volume/BassBoost/Echo now controlled exclusively by the sliders
* Tick the ‘Custom EQ Settings’ to enable the sliders
– the ability to Save/Load/Delete custom settings added
– Method of altering volume modified
* Check added so you can only open headset/bluetooth settings when headset is plugged in or bluetooth device is connected.

Serious in taking up to install Volume+ (Volume Boost) into your android device? Just carry out this link to download Volume+ (Volume Boost) straight to your android gadget. If you are interested to download Volume+ (Volume Boost) apk, you can find it from other websites.

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