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Pro hunting bundle apk – I love this game I just wish the expansion packs worked with the nexus 7 and that it had multiplayer where you could kill dinos with someone other than that 5 stars.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD v1.3 + Paid Addons Cracked
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview:Epic hunting adventure finally on Android!

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Epic hunting adventure in high definition is finally on Android!

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is a console-quality lifelike hunting sim where the players track down a variety of dinosaurs while exploring huge non-linear locations. The dinos boast with some of the most advanced AI on the platform, evolving from “pea-brained” dummies to dangerous creatures that are able to see, hear and sense the adrenaline in hunter’s blood.

Distinct 3D environments including pine forests, muddy marshes and rolling hills give room for different hunting tactics, which are important because the hunter may easily end up becoming a prey. Wind direction, scent and the use of a special dinosaur call are all key elements in tracking the dinosaur and not being caught.

Basic hunting set that includes 2 legendary maps and 3 of the less harmful dinosaurs is available for free download. More maps, dinosaurs and weapon for skilled hunters are unlockable in the game.

Game Features:
Huge 3D world, open to explore!
Console quality HD graphics.
3D dinosaurs, from the Herbivorous (plant eating) for novice hunters to the Carnivorous (meat-eating) for experts.
Choose from among six different weapon types – from a sniper rifle to an X-bow.
Map and radar to locate and track dinosaurs.
Hunting accessories for smart hunting.
2 exciting game modes:
– Hunting: a non-linear close to reality hunting experience where players roam through vast landscapes, tracking and hunting a variety of dinosaurs;
– Survival: a timed, frenzied affair where dinosaurs run onto the player in waves with a clear intention to fress him.
Online leaderboards by Openfeint
Interactive Dino Trophy Room.

Supported on devices with OS 2.1 and up.

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1)Professional hunting bundle.
Maps: Vengar Fjords, Manya Jungle
Dinosaurs: Pachycephallosaurus, Allosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Velociraptor
Weapons: Shotgun, Sniper Rifle

2)Extreme hunting bundle.
Maps: Mount Ravan, Ravaren’s Bridge
Animals: Spinosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex
Weapons: Double-Barelled Shotgun , X-Bow

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Download: Addons cracked by chathu_ac


I don’t know about the HD version but I have the non HD on my other SD card and its great! Wish there was maybe more guns and more dinosaurs. Saber tooth, wolves!

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