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This apps/widgets are beautiful and efficient. Been using Quick Event and APW for a while but finally decided to buy license key, not because I really need the pro features but more because I love your apps and good work should be appreciated.

Unlock one of the best Android widgets pack

â–  This is a license key for the following products:
☆ Android Pro Widgets
☆ APW Google Reader
☆ Quick Event

â–  Android Pro Widgets is an advance set of scroll-able home screen widgets package for all android devices.

â–  APW Google Reader is an extension to the Google Reader application that adds a scrollable widget for it.

â–  Quick Event is a calendar quick event insertion tool with native language processing and voice recognition capabilities.

â–  Keep it installed alongside the free apps.

â–  For support email dr.appche@gmail.com

â–  The license key will unlock all premium features but more importantly it supports the development of our free products. We can’t continue developing free applications without your support 😉

â–  Unlocked features:
☆ [APW] Change widgets themes
☆ [APW] Change transparency level
☆ [APW] Unlock the timeline widget
☆ [APW People] Custom contacts groups and contacts ordering
☆ [APW Calendar] Multiple calendar display styles including events text.
☆ [APW Calendar] Select how many days to load, Split multi-day events
☆ [APW Bookmarks] Change sort order
☆ [Quick Event] Removes the buy button
☆ More features you can see in the preferences.

Download :


Great set of widgets and the themes are a plenty too, so you can pretty much get any look. I’d give 5 stars but with the latest JB update, the Calendar and Agenda widget doesn’t seem to be picking up the calendar colors from Google. Probably just an API issue with 4.1. Will get 5 stars once the app is updated.

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