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SPB Shell 3D 1.6.3 Great launcher in every way. Super smooth, lots of useful features, and plenty of cool animations. However, it takes up a very large about of RAM, and this can lead to crashes and reboots.

What’s in this SPB Shell 3D 1.6.3

– Afisha widget added (for Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus)
– TV Guide widget added (for Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus)
– News panel interface improved
– Issues on Samsung Galaxy Ace fixed
– Other improvements and bug fixes

SPB Shell 3D 1.6.3, SPB Shell 3D: next generation user interface. Add a new dimension to your phone!

Next generation use interface.

3D reality for you phone. Add a new dimension to your Android!


3D Home screen/launcher
Smart folders
3D widgets
Collection of panels and widgets

SPB Shell 3D Reviews:

“Butter-like smoothness” – Engadget
“As useful as it is gorgeous” – ZDNet
“Absolute Must-Have for every Android user!” – Gizmodo
“Looks Incredible And Runs Smoothly” – LAPTOP Magazine

To launch SPB Shell 3D press the Home button once installation is completed.
If you are not able to launch SPB Shell 3D, please use “Home Switcher” application from Android Market.

Check out our FAQ here: http://j.mp/spbshell3d

Before using this application please read the license agreement which can be found at:

Please rate the app if you like it. If you have any questions or comments, please email us atshell3d@spb.com.

Please note that Hebrew, Hindi and Arabic languages are not supported.

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SPB Shell 3D 1.6.3SPB Shell 3D 1.6.3

SPB Shell 3D 1.6.3

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Download Instructions: Use lucky patcher to remove license verification

Used it on my Windows phone, thought it’d be great on my Android. Not bad, but not sure it’s worth the price. “Folders” are a great idea, but battery consumption seems higher than normal. Can’t get the icons as tight together as I want, nor are there as many choices for icon types.

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