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Terminator vision hud apk – This is actually not bad. Ever since I saw something like this on the iPod nano 5 I was waiting for some good developer to port it to Android.

Terminator Vision HUD v1.96
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview:I’ll be back! Hey yes it is back … discover now and thanks to your android phone, the interface of the terminator directly on your camera enough to impress your friends.

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The application has a REAL compass, a metal detector that beeps when it detects a magnetic field, a flashlight that can be enabled or not (to the owner of a phone with a flash).
It can also play sound of many weapons (shotgun, machine gun, gun etc …).

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Great fun Terminator vision hud apk, works great on my galaxy S – if i had one comment it would to ask the dev to have the option to turn off or mute the ‘metal detector’ option

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