PocketInvEditor Pro v1.5.2 Full APK

PocketInvEditor Pro v1.5.2 Full APK – I turned all the stone in my world into AIR so amazing there are lighting glitches, BUT THEY FIX THEMSELVES just awesomeness.

PocketInvEditor Pro

PocketInvEditor Pro is an inventory editor for Minecraft Pocket Edition. With this tool, you can give yourself more blocks and items without writing a single hexadecimal digit or connecting to a computer.

Features unique to the Pro version:
– Spawn and remove mobs via the Entities screen
– Edit contents of chests and furnaces
– warp to the top of chests and furnaces
– Write on signs
– replace or set blocks in the world
– find out how much of a block is in an area
Features for both the Pro and the free version:
Loads and saves Pocket Edition level.dat files
Allows editing of all item slots in Survival worlds – edit type id, damage value, and amount!
List of item IDs built into the app – just click “Browse”!
One-click backup of levels into a .zip file. Backups saved in games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds_backup/(world name)
This app cannot add new items to Minecraft PE – it can only give existing items

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I have had this PocketInvEditor Pro v1.5.2 Full APK app for about 4 months and i love it! Its so east to use and has all kinds of items you can put right in your inventory. Some are not even in the games!

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