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movie maker apk It does the reason I downloaded it but PLEASE MAKER PEOPLE, PLEASE make the app able to export as MP4 or MP4 (HD) and maybe with optional transition effects instead of fading. If you try and join more than 5 vids it auto exits and it can be frustrating.

Movie Editor v1.0.3
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Create exiting new movies by combining your videos, right on your device!
Movie Editor for Android is an exiting application to create movies on the go. Create exiting new movies by combining your videos, right on your device!

movie maker apk

You can add videos from your gallery to the timeline and arrange them as you like. Select a file from your music collection and set it as the soundtrack of the movie.
When you are ready to export, you will be presented with a selection of target video sizes.
After the export operation is complete, a screen with information about the new video will be shown and you will be able to play or share (upload to YouTube, Facebook, send E-mail, etc.) directly through the application.
Please report any problems or suggestions to
Uses FFmpeg and MLT under permission of LGPL.

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movie maker apk this is the only app out there that I could find that can make separate videos into but I have a lot of issues not being able to export my videos into the app and being to save the end result video movie maker apk.

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