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google login service apkGoogle login service apk nice idea but I do not like having to create a separate login for each application wish there was a secondary override. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. A must have for when you have a Google account and want that extra later of security.

Email google and android OS very relevant in its use, the use of the Google Account to get more and more valuable as more of the services you use Google. with one login account, and you can access the service kill – Gmail, Analytics, Google Play, ease of use will affect the discomfort password, so be sure to safely store your google account password so that no one else knows.

With this application, your account will be protected by known as Google Authenticator, make sure that in your smartphone android Google Authenticator application is installed as a protector that will secure your anxiety so that no one else knows. You can add an extra layer to protect your login details. Not just one login step, now there are two steps to verify the login come from your cell phone. Supports multiple accounts and multiple languages

for those of you who want a Google Authenticator as a protector in your android Smartphone please download Google login service apk from the link below:
Download   Android Market
Download  appbrain

Google login service apk or Google authenticator is an essential app for todays online lifestyle, if your not using this yet you should be. A+ for security. Works well with other 2-factor authentication sites (e.g. Dropbox, Lastpass). C- for lack of a widget.


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