Proxy browser android apk

Proxy browser android apk Although it could not load everything, it is still very usefull when the original browser loaded very long. This loads significantly faster.

For those of you who are in a state that prohibits for social networks Facebook, Tweeter and Youtube. Don’t worry, now with the Proxy Browser Android apk will help you to remain connected with friends from facebook or other social networks

Proxy Browser Apk Android is an application designed for Android smartphone users to open blocked sites from the college wireless network or a country that does not allow for social networking.
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Features Proxy Browser Apk Android
– This application is 100% compatible with mobile Facebook and YouTube
– Able to pass through the firewall
– Some proxy servers and multiple IP addresses
– Hide your IP address is actually
– Instantly search historians removed
– Unblocks blocked website
– Ensure anonymity on the web
– Option to select the client browser (iphone / blackberry / android / pc etc)

Proxy browser android apk dwonload :

For those of you who are interested in using Proxy Browser Apk Android please download from link below :
Download appbrain

Proxy browser android apk it works but it doesn’t open all blocked sites.. Well according to me it deserves 4 stars. Its was working greatly but then proxy one got blocked and proxy 2 stopped working it says been taken down please fix proxy browser android apk.

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