Multi sms apk android

Multi sms apk android – hey the sent messages are not getting saved only reason I had to uninstall great application apart from it. -SE X10i Motorola i1. The app works great, I agree with Robert though. Shud show which numbers are home or mobile etc.

Multi Sms Sender Android Apk Download This is an application that helps you to send messages in bulk or multi-sms. This application is needed by various users of the Android smartphone due to the use of this application is very useful when sending hand to mouth in large quantities, such as providing announcements in the group as a friend from work, congratulations great day of Christmas or any other sporting if need the

Multi sms apk android
delivery of messages in large quantities to more friends may also be used because you have changed your Smartphone numbers that have been lost or not active, so the need for an announcement to your friends in the group that you created earlier
This is a multi-sms application.

Multi sms apk android download

if you need this application please take the link Download the following:

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Multi sms apk android – FC everytime I click on add from group. Update and I will give 5 stars because this would be an excellent app moto droid. It works great send mult name but, make it so that we can a picture and also make it Multi sms apk android so that shows which is mobile and so on.