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Learn japanese pro apk – Very helpful for Vocab. Its structured sections lists common phrases for each context. I am a beginner, this app has helped me so far thought to build starter vocabulary in Japanese. Great for learning useful words or phrases.

Learn Japanese pro is one of the Android Applications that focused to help learning basic daily conversation in Japanese. For the people that want to come to Japanese as Foreigner you should consider this applications to help you survive there.

The basic conversation in daily activity is provided by this applications so you can easily learn and faster. It helps you for the conversation with the Japanese writing system in English. But you just only to take a look of sample dialog or sentenced there.

The category are divided into many category such as general conversation, time, greetings, Direction and Place, Number and etc.
To download the apk files follow this link below :

Download for apk files 4shared

or from Google Play

I didn’t even spend a lot of time in the free version. There are so many useful translation in this app that I had to buy it. Anyone who says there are not a lot for 5 dollars, they have never bought other apps.

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