Gamecih no root

Gamecih no root – Cheat Application for Android. Here is Tutorials for Using GameCIH Cheat Engine Game on Android.

Just as we’re playing games on laptop or computer can use cheat engine, then we can use any Android Cheat Engine so that we can play with more cool and certainly could defeat the enemy in the games easily and quickly.
Cheat Engine Applications on Android is quite famous is GameCIH2, is available for free and can be download on Android Market. you can find the download url at the end of this post, once downloaded, you can install Android on your android device.

Caution: Before using and installing gameCIH2 sure your Android phone is on the ROOT! it’s mean you should rooting your android device.


  • Open the application Game CIH
  • Open game that may be played directly select for example PES 2012 super challenge.
  • Then go to the team
  • Then open the Games pshaw via hot key
  • And then click the search button
  • Then push the Input number
  • Then enter the appropriate figure in the team funds
  • After completion of the search and see the results
  • Close game CIH is then played first game Pes 2012 to finish one game
  • If the team finished its funds reduced or increased
  • then open the game via hot key pshaw
  • Team funds that push the button +
  • If a team is reduced funds push the button –
  • wait for the results
then push its results
and edit as you wish

Gamecih for android unrooted

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Game Cheat/Memory Editor/Crack/Hack Tool

Gamecih for android unrooted More Info:
Lite version of GameCIH
Game Cheat/Memory Editor/Crack/Hack Tool
Change Game Speed
GameCIH could change game speed!
You will become TOP 1 ranking in any games!
You could modify the game state(score, money, HP, …) to allow for infinite lives, invulnerability, and etc.

Gamecih for android unrooted What’s New
Enable network to get Hidden Mode
Anti Anti-GameCIH
Change icon

Gamecih for android unrooted Download Instructions:


GameCIH needs root to run as it does certain editing to games that you can’t do without root access.

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