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Play city island apk mine on a galaxy S3 and so far its been brilliant. Easy, addictive game to play with all the elements of great building. A very pleasant way to pass the time.

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City Island v1.3.5
city island apk Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview:Build your own city on this beautiful island! Your ambitious plans to build your own city and become a whealthy entrepreneur can now become reality!
You are the first person to arrive on this island, and you most certainly won’t leave it very soon. Start building your own home, some nice decorations and some farms. When you get the hang of it you will attract a lot more citizens, who need jobs. Build a business empire with hotels, cinema’s, bakeries, restaurants, and even oil platforms. Catch some fish with your boats, make people happy by building parks, schools, churches, libraries, museums, and even a nice ferris wheel.
It is all about balance in this game: happy people attract more citizens, who will need residences and jobs.
** Features of City Island, the best city building game **
– FREE game, NO ads
– HIGH QUALITY graphics
– Intuitive gameplay
– 75 Unique buildings (residential, commercial, community, decoration)
– Attract citizens with parks, trees, and community buildings
– Build residences for your citizens
– Collect profit from your commercial buildings
– Upgrade your buildings
– Collect XP and level up to unlock new buildings
– Collect dozens of REWARDS while playing
– Expand your city to create more room for constructing more buildings, and making your city bigger and bigger
– Time management city game
– Speed up construction/upgrade time
– Help your citizens in this city game
– Find pirate chests around your island, containing cash or gold
– Enter friend codes and gift codes to receive cash and gold
– The “City Advisor” will tell you what is needed in your city
– City Island is the best city game on Android
– Build your city (city builder game, city building)
Remember: balancing your city is the key to success in this city game!

If you love playing city builder games such as Paradise Island, Rock the Vegas and Virtual City, you will definately love this city building game called City Island!!

What’s in this version:
Updates in version 1.3.4:
** Essential update! Fixes crashes in v1.3.3!
Updates in version 1.3.3:
** Get more XP from helping your citizens!
** Lots of bugfixes
Updates in version 1.3.2:
** Full HeyZap integration: City Island is social!
** Bugfixes

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I’m not normally a fan of these kind of City island apk games, but good job. I love the City island apk game and everything isn’t over proceed. You can do like everything without buying gold or cash.

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