Accuweather widget apk

This Accuweather widget apk update is a fantastic redesign, clearer information and quicker snapshots of all your saved locations. On my 7″ versus tablet, works perfectly.

Accuweather Widgets v11.04.22.02 (Updated 22 Mar)
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Accuweather widget apk Overview:This is Accuweather Widgets of Samsung for all Android devices !Accuweather widget apk [break]
Special Thanks to -Aatif-

-Working Perfect:-
-No Need to Resize
-No cuttings at corners


1)As a Regular App:-
Install it normally like other aps

 Accuweather widget apk

2)As a System App:-
Copy in system/app using Root Explorer
Set permissions as rw-r–r–

More Info:


Accuweather widget apk Download Instructions:

Normal version:

Translucent version:


I congratulate the concerned staff and do hope that they will continue hard to work for more betterments.I rate Accuweather widget apk five stars. Love this app gives accurate details for multiple cities & real time storm tracking…love it.

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