Cryptic Kingdoms HD v1.1 apk

This was a very good game – challenging enough but not so challenging that you had to look up each answer. I enjoyed having find items in one place and then using them elsewhere. I have enjoyed all the 3D methods games!

Cryptic Kingdoms HD v1.1 apk

The fragments that bind this kingdom have been scattered throughout time. The three shards of strength, spirit, and honor, must be retrieved to restore the kingdom. It is up to the lone adventurer to step through the portals of time and retrieve the shards that once gave power to a now ruined world. Explore each of the three kingdoms and discover the secrets of the past from distant worlds.

The lost king, Telvonus, ruler of the ancient keep, now resides somewhere within the kingdom. Find him and discover the Keepa€™s significance to the now altered world.

Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy. Use your wits to solve puzzles as you explore the three kingdoms. Find items along the way that bring you one step closer to collecting the lost shards. The Cryptic Kingdoms await you.


Point and click style gameplay
Fun and engaging puzzles
In depth story driven adventure
In game map shows your location
High definition graphics
In game hint system
Over 40 items to discover and use
Beautifully detailed environments
Auto save position
Explore the three kingdoms!

HD version recommended for tablets and smart phones (1ghz+)

What’s in this version: (Updated : Oct 3, 2012)

2bug fixes

Required Android O/S : 1.6+

Release By chathu

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Good game up to a point, however in the last part no matter how many different combinations i try I am unable to light up more than two of the four red lights. Very frustrating!