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This is the best movie editing program in the Play store. The user can customize the video in ways that other apps don’t allow, especially by being able to place each individual video in the desired order. As it is just a real basic editor it might be okay for the price.There is an issue with mp4 file. While trying to add more than 7 short videos the app reports an importing error and is erasing all other previous imported videos no matter how big or small the size or format.

Movie Editor apk

Movie Editor v1.0.3
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Create exiting new movies by combining your videos, right on your device!
Movie Editor for Android is an exiting application to create movies on the go. Create exiting new movies by combining your videos, right on your device!

You can add videos from your gallery to the timeline and arrange them as you like. Select a file from your music collection and set it as the soundtrack of the movie.
When you are ready to export, you will be presented with a selection of target video sizes.
After the export operation is complete, a screen with information about the new video will be shown and you will be able to play or share (upload to YouTube, Facebook, send E-mail, etc.) directly through the application.
Please report any problems or suggestions to
Uses FFmpeg and MLT under permission of LGPL.

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The interface looks so unprofessional, and you cannot export some videos in the highest quality. But whatever, as long as you can stitch videos together with no problem, I’m fine with it. what it says on the tin. Simple, easy to use and not had any problems so far. I can see what people are saying in that you can’t do any actual editing, but it suits my needs fine so not complaining.