Gravitron live wallpaper apk

Was upset about compatibility with cm7 but said fk it n tried it anyways. Works well, very impressed, may be bc of custom oc/uv kernel with increased framerate and gpu oc, but works great none the less.Ive had this app 4 a while now & the “new permission” hasnt hurt my phone in any way!! Possibilities r endless with the Gravitron live wallpaper apk customizing options.

gravitron live wallpaper apk

Gravitron v1.2.0
Requirements: Android OS 2.1+
Overview: Classy and highly customizable particles based live wallpaper. Gravitron is a wonderful live wallpaper based on particles with bokeh effect.

Want to turn your sad homescreen into an amazing live wallpaper? Simply apply one preset and start enjoying moving particles shaped in circles, squares, heart, stars, spades or even droids.
Switch presets depending on your mood. We provide up to 10 presets (in the full version) for immediate classy live wallpaper.
All settings are customizable, from color, shape, speed to camera behavior. Customization addicts will be amazed by the amount of available settings.

Gravitron will let you create the live wallpaper that suits you best.

Take a look at the main customization settings available (non exhaustive)
– Built-in presets: Original, Patriot, Love, Bokeh, Pride, Droid, St. Patrick’s day, and more.
– 10 shapes for particles & decoration
– Color randomization & cycling
– Up to 8 colors preselection
– Background color selection
– Camera movement adjustment: speed, distance and behavior (3D positioning)
– Ability to save and load your own presets
– Presets sharing
– Support of portrait & landscape viewing

**** Important note ****
There is a known bug between Gravitron and Cyanogen v7 ROM.
Cyanogen’s video driver is buggy. They are working on it.
Unfortunately we can’t do anything about that but wait for Cyanogen project to solve it.

What’s in this version:
Modified Archos preset
New framerate option: “Maximum FPS”
Bug fix on color pickers for Android-4.x (ICS)

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No glitches, skips, or jitters, and this is on a phone! Sgs epic 4g, cm7.rc0.epicmtd, iap samurai kernel (bushido6), cpu oc’d to 1.5ghz, gpu oc’d to 400mhz, max framerate 72. Unexplained Permissions Wish they’d just put a one line explanation. Doubt they will though since they probably rely on people blindly accepting all Gravitron live wallpaper apk updates.