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This is far beyond any gun simulator. This is lots of fun because you can strip every gun down to it’s bare parts..more than just field stripping.. The 3D xray view is amazing because you can see the gun working as it fires. This game is awesome. But ever since I downloaded it, it won’t let me download any of the guns I’ve bought. It downloads then just in the download screen at 100%.

gun disassembly 2 all guns free

Gun Disassembly 2 v1.1
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Gun Disassembly 2 is the one and only program that fully simulate the assembly and disassembly of gun models with working, animated mechanism.

In Gun Disassembly 2, the user can explore a weapon’s gears with a full 3D perspective, and learn how to disassemble, reassemble and operate a gun model. Skilled users can compete with other people around the world to get the fastest time for disassembly or assembly.
– 37 full 3D high detailed weapon models
– 2,805 parts total
– full interactive disassemly of the models
– four modes: Demo, Operation, Disassembly, Assembly, Game
– six free models: Glock 19, Colt 1911, SIG P228, Tec-9, TT, Sig SG550S
– four levels XRay support for ALL weapon models in the application
– two levels Slow Motion
– 3D text for weapon part names
– flexible system of discounts for in-app purchases
Weapon models available in the app:
Pistols: Glock 19, CZ75, Colt 1911, SIG P228, Beretta 92FS, Desert Eagle .44, S&W Sigma, Springfield XDM, Browning Hi-Power
SMG/Assault Pistols: MP5, Tec-9, Uzi
Revolvers: Colt Python, S&W Model 53
Historical: Colt Hammer, Mauser C96, Borchard C93, Maxim
WWII: Tokarev Pistol, Luger P08, MP40, Sten MK II, M1 Garand, Thompson Gun
Assault rifles: AK47, SIG SG552 commando, LR 300ML, HK G36E, FN FAL
Rifles: SIG SG550S, SVD, HK SL9SD
Machine gun: M60, M134D ‘Minigun’
Compact Guns: Ruger LCP
Shotguns: Remington 870

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Very accurate, I actually used it as a guide to strip and rebuild my Mossberg 500 shotgun’s trigger group, as the user manual just says “take it to a gunsmith” and doesn’t show the parts. Ive had this app for a while. I got a new phone recently so I retrieved the guns I had previously bought. Great Gun disassembly 2 all guns apk app really informative and fun helps you learn how more complex and older firearms work just all around good app I am considering paying the 50 for all the guns.