iDestroy apk v1.13

Last time I installed this app but when the update comes all my dp came back to zero it take a lot of time killing bugs just for a small reward please make the money earn fast cause the items are just too expensive. If you want LOTS of DP, save up for the shock turret, then place a shock turret by a piece of bread/ apple. For even more, save up for the anthill/ beehive. Starting off, go with the spider nest.

iDestroy Call of Bug Battle

iDestroy v1.07
Requirements: Android:2.1 and up
Overview: * #1 Top Destruction App *** Insane amounts of blood! *** Destroy your screen *

100+ Bugs to demolish! 40+ Weapons to destroy enemies!

Be the ultimate bug exterminator! Blast, Shoot, Burn, Bomb, DESTROY!
* Bloody warfare, Guns and bugs!
* Insane amount of blood!
* Lay high explosive mine traps, call in Airstrikes and declare Victory over the bugs!
* Shoot holes in your phone and fool others to think it’s broken!
* Blast Zombies with bombs and torture bugs with awesome war machines!
* Epic ant smashing game that relieves stress in no time with its endless gameplay.
* Be creative! Demolish bugs with Missiles, Gasoline, Mine bombs, Gun Towers, Poison baits & Laser Fences.

Get rid of your stress now, you deserve it!
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iDestroy is the best game i have on galaxy note , followed by Castle defense, The floor escape, Destroy gunner and battleship! Great work devs!!! 5 stars

Epic insect destroy game, its easy & keeps me entertained when bored.
Laser grenade, Rockets hailstorm awesome weapon which are perfect to kill bugs in my free time.

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Good to take your anger and give it to the crappy bugs so take revenge on the bug you hate. Wipe them clear w/the nuke. Some times it doesn’t even install and some times when it installs. It doesn’t even work.please fix it in the next update. I have nearly all the weapons and and other stuff. Also I have a problem with it not wanting to shut off without a force close after clicking the home button to get out of it.