Panda Run android game

This is a fun and challenging game. The people complaining are probably just frustrated they can’t beat certain levels. I am (proudly) on level 18 and I think it’s great. So what it has ads!? at least it’s free and it doesn’t ask you to pay for more lives like many game apps do now. Its a really fun game, but, The advertising is so annoying! Most games don’t have this many ads, this often. If you can put up with the ads then play the game it is fun.

Panda Run

Panda Run android game Description

Long long ago…
There have a brave panda.He was lost in bamboo forest.You should help him to go out bamboo forest.

Panda Run is a running and jumping game.

★ How to play ★
– Tap the screen for jump
– Catch the coins for bonus score
– Mind the gap and the obstacles on the road.
★ Feature ★
– Collect more coins to achieve high score
– Simple tap to control the game, comfortable feel
– Lovely panda with funny emotion

What’s New in Panda Run version 2.2.0
ad improve

Panda Run android game More info:

If he cant jump high enough from standing to get over opstacles its not good and it not like it will let u go back and get a running start cause I tried. The panda runs way too slow and its annoying having to double jump because sometimes it wont even work. also too many ads. There are way to many ads and all you do is run and jump to get coins. I was thinking this would be different but its not that good in fact its boring.