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It’s a good concept Would be a good game if you could actually escape from the cop, because no matter how far away you get ahead of him the moment you lay off the gas to conserve your fuel he catches up to you instantly. The game is good though the subsequent cars are not as good as car number one. It easily blocks the police car as opposed to number two which keeps sliding off the road.

car run android games apps

Car Run android apps Description
Car Run is a fast action packed car racing game which tests your highway car driving skills against police car desperate to outrun and bust you in a wild car police chase.CAR GAME FEATURES –
– Play as law breaker and escape from the chasing police as long as you can in this endless car run game.
– Honk your way out of highway car traffic.
– Drift car through curved roads.
– Dodge the cars, buses and trucks on the highway.
– Collect fuel coins to keep your car moving.
– Unlock new cars and maps.
– Cool new graphics style.
– Road types – forests, hills, curves, snow and desert.
– Car race suitable for all; girls, kids, boys and adults alike.
– Car racer free for the whole family to enjoy.
– Drive /Race the longest distance without getting caught and compete with your friends online.
– Test your reflexes and highway drive skills.
– Additionally, play as a cop and chase down criminals.

So hit the gas paddle and get ready for a new 2014 car race down the busy highway in this new best cop chase game.
Everything you expected of a highway car cop chase.
Car Racer at its best and its free.
Best of luck with police chasing your car in town. Become the bank Robber and hit the street as the bad guy.
The best fun new free police games on android.Download now.

What’s New
Improved performance and added changes to the gameplay.

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Great I love it This game is awesome and perfect for little boys and if you have a small boy in your house and gets bored this is a perfect game. I enjoy the game. One of the game ‘Games are going through some kind and it seems like there will always remember when they get. I liked this game but there are two silly things in it, this game’s name is Car Run isn’t it so why when I was playing a ad came and when I saw it there was written download Car Run and when police closer of us we get slow also when we have full fuel but in anyway I love it.