Ninja quest modded apk

The equipment system is pretty cool, but the need for stars (rather than lvls) kinda prevents the use of cool looking equipment. After Ninja quest modded apk game play is non-existent other than equipment harvesting. Unless you enjoy lvl/equipment grinding games, you may not like this game. Monsters hit way to high for the amount of def you get at the start other then that it’s gameplay.

ninja quest modded apk

Ninja Quest v1.1.3
Requirements: Android 2.0.1 and up
Overview: Be an outsider no more! Fusion Platforming Action RPG Arcade, Ninja Quest!
Aim to become the legendary ninja!
《Ninja Quest》 is the new fusion game that includes action, RPG and arcade features!

★English Support★
A little boy dreams to become the worlda€™s best ninja! But in the real world, hea€™s just an outsidera€¦
A little outsider boy meets a legendary ninja!!
Defeat bad guys and protect justice with our little hero!
Anyone can become the legendary ninja with easy control and game play.
Wide platforming game screen, unique yet cute game graphic and powerful impact!
Play 《Ninja Quest》 to become the ultimate ninja!!
■ Game Features ■
1. Fusion Platforming Action RPG Arcade
– Unique game style that combines features of various game genres!
– Easy game play and fast progress! Anyone can enjoy this game without getting bored!
2. Various costumes and monsters.
– Collect countless costumes to create your very own unique character!
– Do you ever get tired of hunting? Not in this game with countless unique monsters!
– Enjoy new sensation each time you play..
3. Direct UI and simple game play
– Directive UI of input and touch game play
– You can learn game play method and ninja skills naturally with easy game environment
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Tips and Updates

What’s in this version:
★1.1.3 Updates★
– Additional English Support
– Fixed other minor bugs

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I like this Ninja quest modded apk game a lot ! i dont know why people think this game is to hard. This game is good if you like challenge. That’s whats this game purposes it’s not really fun. But it’s challenging ! But i would like this game more if an enemy fall you still get EXP and you can choose if you want to get a star or not. BEST side-scrolling, ninja, run-type RPG I have found..fails to even open on nexus 7. Ninja quest modded apk need please fix please.

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