Inotia 4 apk Review

Study Com2uS, known for masterpieces such as the gallery taymkiller shot swing, released the long awaited sequel of the most famous and popular game, Inotia 4. To the uninitiated, this is a role-playing game complete for Android with detailed non-linear plot , geimpleem exciting arcade and a sound system pumping.

inotia 4 apk download

inotia 4

Events Inotia 4, as expected, the overlap with the earlier parts of the game, and if you speak in a few words, we are again confronted with the new forces of evil that pressed upon us from all sides. The developers, as promised earlier, the greatly improved graphics, added new characters and once again developed the already vast game world.

Inotia 4 Review

What have we here? 6 classes of unique characters (black knight, murderess, mage, priest, archer and warrior), representing a total of 90 unique skills, that is, 15 different skills (active and passive) for each character.

The entire series of Inotia attracts the fact that here you do not play alone, and together with a group of allies, comrades, that can also be pumped and choose how active characters. So, before selecting a class, we will still be able to see all the others.
Features 4 Inotia:

The largest number of locations for a game of Android;
More than 20 hours of exciting geimpleya (400 cards);
Plot rich and solid (if you know the English language);
Proven combat mechanics;
Many missions;
After the game, you can start again in hardcore mode.

The game is supported very fine balance between the role and arcade components. Then there are the fans of grading, processing, quests you will find many interesting things, just as those who just like to shake a sword and archery. Continuing the long tradition of the series, the game Inotia 4 is absolutely free, with advertising vnutreigrovoy and bonus game with real money. The experience of going through the old parts of the show that we can well do without cash infusions and finish the game in the end. Developers earn penny for the player wishes to purchase an item one of a kind, not too complicated.

Inotia 4 apk download:

Summary. Inotia 4 – this is a great sequel to one of the most interesting and exciting RPG for Android. If you have not played in the last part, that’s okay, because to get used to the plot is very simple.