TwoDots comes to Android to hook us connecting dots

We all like to play, it’s something that we always say and that we will not tire of saying. This is something that we see reflected in the enormous amount of games that we can find on Google Play, from shooting games, racing games, to board games, but always have to let a hollow to the classic puzzle. Today we will talk about TwoDots, a game that was already available in iOS and which has just been released on Google Play so that we can join points already.

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TwoDots comes to Android to hook us connecting dots

The operation of TwoDots is quite simple, rather than attached to its minimalism, makes the game completely “addictive”. Basically, TwoDots is to go together the number of colors, although it is not so easy, since similar to Candy Crush Saga, has a series of limited movements. If we can do it in few movements, we will get the three stars and spend level.

If we combine the colors and we managed to form a square between them we will be getting combos and increasing our score; In addition we will have achievements in Google Play Games that will be saved in your Google account. To play we need to use lives, of which we have five and go them gastante as play more, problems?, of course, and it is that when we were exhausted them we will have to wait 20 minutes to fill out a life or start paying real money to get more game time.

What do you think about this game? Do you like?  Google Play l TwoDots:

As I guess that you already know, can download TwoDots free of charge on Google Play, although the aforementioned shopping in-app, ranging from the 0.79 to 19.99 euros. The application is available from Android 4.0 and higher and has a weight of 46 MB, so don’t hesitate to download it and let know us your impressions, but care, than the game engages.

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