AE 3D Motor android apk games

This AE 3D Motor android apk games is a super duper app that gets you awake. I recommend it fire students who learn deep into the night and may doze of. There is no need taking a drug to Jeep yourself awake for this app does the magic keeping you awake for your studies. You can also try it. Because, I know it’s not bad but you don’t know so, try it and check it anyhow to a complement.

AE 3D Motor android apk games download

AE 3D Motor android apk games

AE 3D Motor v1.0.600
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: AE 3D Motor, the most popular motor racing game in Windows Phone Store! Here comes to Android!

AE 3D Motor, the most popular motor racing game in Windows Phone Store! Here comes to Android!

Leta€™s Racing!

Eye popping beautiful 3D graphics, realistic scenes and vehicles, addictive and crazy gameplay, extremely smooth tilt control, as well as awesome vivid sound, which will give you a real motorcycle racing feeling!

Sunshine beach, cereus desert and magnificent bridge, three attractive scenes are in this game.
Two angles of view, give you two fantastic driving feelings.

Wow! So thrilling!

 If you like Death Racing, Highway Death Racing, Racing Moto, Racing Splitter Moto 3D, Crazy Bike Racing Moto, Traffic Rush, Basketball, MotoHeroz, SpeedCar, or other Car and Bike games, you shouldna€™t miss this game.

Any feedback please email us, because we cana€™t reply on comments. Thanks very much for all your support in our games.

Keep your nerve and challenge yourself now!

– Tap screen to speed up your motor at insane speeds and get double scores.
– Tilt your phone left and right to control driving direction.
– Watch out the changing traffic and roadside.
– Pass vehicles much closely to get bonus scores.

AE 3D Motor android apk games What’s New
1. Add accelerate strip, enjoy invincible fever time!
2. Improve the sky background of “The Road of Fury”.
More fun on the road!
V 1.8.0
1. Add new gold motorcycle, it’s cool!
2. Reduce unlock conditions of old motorcycles and scenes.
Upgrade it and see whether your favorite moto and scene already unlocked!
1. Add new scenes “The snow mountain”!
2. Add new moto-“The missile motor”, it’s so Cool.
Let’s Racing!

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AE 3D Motor

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Good game but still too much of sensitivity….. Needs to be improved but a very fine time passing game. I love this app too much in fact I need more features like only motors component. This is a great game but takes a long time to download on my android phone. AE 3D Motor android apk games are Best racing bike game My best bike game ever.

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