Alphabet car apk full

Great! Keeps my son occupied and is really helping him learn. Great Alphabet car apk full especially when I have housework to do and helps him for nursery. Cannot use the tilt feature on the table. It doesn’t even allow to use the steering. Great Game but… Needs to be moved to SD card. I can’t afford this much space for a kids game. Great game though.

alphabet car apk full download

alphabet car apk full

Alphabet Car v1.02
Requirements: 2.0.1+
Overview: A new training method that makes remembering words a fun activity! (for kids mainly)

Find the right letters to a given word by using your mobile device like a steering wheel and have your child learn how to spell in a fun and engaging way.
* Fun Edutainment a€“ learn letters, words and spelling through fun play
* Stage and Level Design a€“ From Preschool to Advanced for various stages of your child’s development
* Colorful and entertaining environment with beautiful 3D graphics and music
* Car Customization
* Hours of fun edutainment and rich content over 40 stages/levels

The suggested environment for this app is Android 2.2/2.3.

Alphabet car apk full What’s New
Along with a sprinkle of NEW Seasonal words to tackle, we also have 8 NEW Themed categories too! Just in time for Christmas!
For you owners of the Full version of Alphabet Car, you can get all of this for FREE! That’s 180 new words ready for you right now, waiting to be downloaded.
For first time buyers of Alphabet Car, we’re giving you Christmas and the Countries Theme pack for free. And for only $0.99, you can unlock 7 more categories. That’s 140 new words for just $0.99!

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I wish I could give this zero stars. One star assumes SOME merrit. Somehow, this game allowed my 3 y/o to purchase the pay version in-app. I am VERY upset that is possible. More importantly, the Alphabet car apk full game will not work on the Asus Transformer Prime. He seems to be learning really fast. An improvement in my opinion would be to use phonics instead as used in schools.