Ama-Hina android apk game

I really, really like the style of this Ama-Hina android apk game and control scheme works well on touch screen devices. However, the game feels slow to respond, and I have lost many games because the character did not attack or jump when I touched the screen. Would be nice if the controls responded when you touch the screen, rather than when you release. Special is hard to pull off on the fly.

Ama-Hina v2.0.1
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Cute girls battle hordes of zombies!

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Ama-Hina android apk game

** Thanks to you: Large update include new character!! **
Thank you, we’ve received many positive feedback for Ama-Hina.
We make our gratitude into the new character!
Honor to introduce “Kozel”, Cute devil girl with a big gun, massive special attack!
Only appears in front of a player who plays Ama-Hina a lot. Enjoy her charm!


Cute girls battle hordes of zombies!
Japanese Moe Moe high school girls running action!

Slice, punch, kick, while running and killing hordes of zombies.
Exciting, exhilarating and easy to play!
While running and battling it out in a zombie infested world try and
move your way up to the top ranking!

[How to play]
# Repeatedly tap the left and right side of the screen to [Jump] and [Attack].
# Constantly run while attacking hordes oncoming zombies.
# Aim for the No.1 World Ranking!

– Items that will help you on your mission are hidden around the city.
– Running too fast can be dangerous!
– Jumping attack has heavy damage!
– After playing the game many times hidden characters will be revealed and aim to be Amahina Master!
– The tap buttons can be changed for those who are left handed.

ama-hina apk

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The game might have a few bugs but they does not affect the game play at all. Great drawings, nice character designs, long lasting game. It would be godlike if the characters have voice-overs. Very fun on my s4 but no controls for a controller and doesn’t work on tetra 4 just get a black screen. Worth the Price Fun game! There needs to be a way to exit the Ama-Hina android apk game app besides.