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Awesome On Off Ultimate android apk – I’ve been looking for an orientation app to switch the phone on for years and finally found this. I set the orientation to 80 degrees and the phone wakes when upright. No more need to use awkward power button. So I just pick up my HTC One X from the desk without having to touch any on/off button and viola that’s it. I’m really loving this awesome app! I still need to check on deep sleep mode and battery drain of the phone.

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Awesome On Off Ultimate Android apk

Awesome On Off Ultimate v2.0
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: Screen On Screen Off Smart Screen.

Simply pick your phone up, to turn the screen on ‘Awesome On’. Gently. No shaking or flipping. Use simple gestures near the proximity sensor (or the shortcut icons) to turn the screen off, 2 flings ‘Awesome Off’, 3 flings ‘Ultimate Off’ (Ultimate Version Only).

Watch the short video to see how it works. There are other similar apps, but we strongly believe ours is the best in terms of practicality and pure awesomeness.

We wanted to bring you something simple, but very useful and effective. Something you would enjoy using everyday with absolutely no side effects. There are battery saving options to minimise the impact on battery. We have steadily measured around 3% battery consumption for the whole day on our test devices.

We hope it works just as good on your phone.

Unfortunately in some devices, the accelerometer sensor cannot be used when the screen is OFF. Awesome On will not work on these devices.
Please do not give a low rating if this is unfortunately the case.

Android 4.0.4 and 4.1 Users – There is a well known bug that was introduced in 4.0.4 that causes the screen to turn on again after ‘Awesome Off’. We recommend changing your lock screen to ‘none’ for the time being.

** Features **

Screen On
– Simply tilt the phone up, to turn the screen on.

Screen Off
– Fling your hand 2 times, near the proximity sensor, to turn the screen off.
– Or simply click ‘Screen Off’ icon.

Other Features
– Separate shortcut icons for ‘Start/Stop’, ‘Settings’ and ‘Screen Off’.
– Awesome On Sensitivity.
– Awesome Off Sensitivity.
– Battery Saving Mode. Tip: Test first disabled.
– Remove notification option. And gracefully handles situations where Android restarts Awesome On Off when notification is removed.
– Disable Awesome Off while running landscape applications.
– While you’re on a phone call, Awesome On Off will not be active.
– Aweseom On Bypass Non-Security Lockscreen option.
– Vibrate.

Awesome On Off Ultimate Android apk Features:

– The Ultimate feature. When you’re about to hit the road, fling your hand 3 times (or simply click the ‘Ultimate Off’ shortcut icon) to turn the screen off. Awesome On Off is completely idle until you manually turn the screen on again. You never need to Start/Stop manually with the shortcut icon. You are in total control.
– Ultimate Off audio confirmation.
– Start on boot.
– No Ads. The Free version shows an Ad every 20th time the screen is turned on. You can easily close the Ad, should not be disruptive for daily use even with the free version.

About Battery Saving Mode
– When the screen is off, depending on the Battery level and type of background apps you have running, Android can decide to put the CPU to full sleep. Awesome On will not work when the CPU is in full sleep. When Battery Saving Mode is enabled, Awesome On Off will not interfere and let the CPU go to full sleep as usual. You can disable Battery Saving Mode completely or set a desired interval to keep the CPU partially awake, ensuring Awesome On will always work.

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I have a draw-unlock security pattern in place which actually only applies after the phone was not unlocked for more than 5 minutes. With this Awesome On Off Ultimate Android apk app however I always have to draw my security pattern when unlocking? Is there any solution for this? It’s good when it works, but there’s times when turning the device upside down (so as to not enable awesome on/off, ie. when you carry it around) causes it to lose it’s place.

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