Dragon Seekers android apk

Seems pretty fun just had a minor glitch where I couldn’t press the bottom person in my party to use their attack which made me have to skip a few turns but closed app and reopened and haven’t had the problem since. I like the style of play so far plus bonus in game swag for a review! That’s how you get me to rate a Dragon Seekers android apk game.

Dragon Seekers android apk

Dragon Seekers android apk

Dragon Seekers v1.5.6 [Mod]
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Take the role of an adventurer, setting out from across the sea to hunt down monsters that threaten the land!

◆ Choose one of four distinct classes, each with a unique role in combat: Warrior, Mage, Cleric or Thief
◆ Find companions to help you as you travel across a world packed with memorable locations, perilous dungeons, and deadly creatures!
◆ Make friends and attract followers through the Timeline – a living record of your adventure!
◆ Craft powerful weapons and armor and trade them with other players!
◆ Seek out the ultimate material: a feather from the Dragon of Time, a legendary beast possessing the ability to travel through time itself!

◇ Keep a record of your adventures on your Timeline!

Hacks: qwertystfu
1. Thief’s Mug/Collect Always Success(Only Works 1 Time for each Monster)
2. High Drop Rate
3. Cleric’s Cure/Recover, fill 2970 Health
4. Skill Always Ready(You can always using Fire/Fire Bomb, etc)
5. Stamina Won’t Decrease(Kinda Unlimited, but it still can level up)
6. Maximum Inventory Capacity

NOTE: For Stamina, you have to explore from 1st floor, because the auto battle to last floor is not working.

– Uninstall playstore version and install my mod.
– If you were in a dungeon on playstore version, retreat from the dungeon first so you can get the mods working.
– If you have use mug on 1 monster, you cannot get drop from the same monster if you using collect(but sometimes it works to “collect” if you use collect after the monster died)

Dragon Seekers android apk What’s New

Improved auto-battle performance
Misc. fixes and improvements
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like the fact that there’s no restriction on Dragon Seekers android apk gameplay. I can play for hours or just auto-battle for an hour. Just started but It seems legit. Kind of a mixture of rpg you’ll find on the playstore, but still really fresh. I would recommend. Very fun game so far. Looking forward to trying more of it out.