Dark Sword v1.0.71 (Mod Money) apk

Dark Sword v1.0.71 (Mod Money) apk could be longer and with more meat ya know. Great game great game play shallow story short levels. Where’s the reward for winning? Here’s a hint… Replay value. I must say its a good game Well made, good art, and the storyline look promising.

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Dark Sword v1.0.71 (Mod Money)

Requirements: 4.1+

All I remember is that night… The dark dragon has closed the gate to the sun.

And light vanished. All living creatures became dark… Only carrying what’s left behind… the eternal pain.
In the darkness that has lost light… True dark action begins.

▪ Side scrolling hack and slash RPG
▪ Stylish dark fantasy graphics
▪ System for farming and strengthening different weapons
▪ Over 100 stages and monsters
▪ Hardcore mode for the fearless

You must overcome the eternal darkness and defeat the Dark Dragon.
May the light shine upon you!


Tutorial added
– Minor bugs fixed

Dark Sword v1.0.71 (Mod Money) apk

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Cool rpg with excellent graphics!! Love the shadow theme and amazing skill details. Use code: Q30GFZOT to get gems to help your progress in the game!! I really like the game it’s a great take on the the 2D hack n slash. It’s not frustrating at all either like some others like Dark Sword v1.0.71 (Mod Money) apk.