Panda Pop v4.4.012 (Mod Money) apk

I enjoy the Panda Pop v4.4.012 (Mod Money) apk game but one thing keeps me feel good with this. The game consistently gives you useless bubbles. When you need red or yellow to advance it will give you green and blue. I don’t mind losing a level when I mess up, however it angers me when the game itself sabatoges me.

Panda Pop v4.4.012 (Mod Money) apkPanda Pop v4.4.012 (Mod Money)
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Plan your every pop to rescue baby pandas!

An evil baboon has kidnapped & trapped precious panda pups in the jungle. Strategically burst matching bubbles to help beat him & return the cubs to their worried mother!
Work your way through increasingly challenging levels and employ the power of the elements to help you in your Panda Pop quest. Bubble-bursting powerups will help you free the pups… combine them for even greater effect!

– Over 90 levels with uniquely challenging obstacles
– Amazing arsenal of powerups & combos
– Special features to boost your bubble
– Stunning graphics & adorable animations
– Addicting pace & rewarding progression
– Connect to Facebook & play Panda Pop with friends!
– Enjoy special rewards & events all the time!
– Sync seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms!

Get poppin’ on your Android phone or tablet today…

Update now! Help Mama Panda save her babies on Serene Sanctuary! Pop on!
– 20 New Levels!
-Many more worlds to come! Keep checking back weekly for more updates!
Download the latest version to continue your popping journey.

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It feel of fun this my most relaxing game I play .I love the fact that when you lose your life it take only a few min to load back up and my favorite is when they let you play for several hours will lives .so it a five star one of my favorite I play the most absolutely love Panda Pop v4.4.012 (Mod Money) apk.