Latest Android Adventure Game in 2017

Latest Android Adventure Game 2017 – It could no longer be denied, is now more widespread game developers scattered around the world with brilliant ideas, and produce games that are amazing. For example, game-themed adventure (adventure) which intentionally devoted to the Android platform.

Latest Android Adventure Game in 2017

With the presence of android adventure games then we are going to easily search for adventure games in the Google Play Store. Sure to treat the compelling gameplay that made curious to download and play on our favorite Android HP. Usually android Games Adventure offline, Android game adventure and adventure apk Android games included in the game’s most widely downloaded on Google Play Store.

Do you belong to one fan of adventure games? then do not waste anymore of your opportunity. Because YOUNG ERA at this time will review the reference Android adventure game, which certainly is not the best you’ve ever played before. Start curious? Here are some of the latest Android free adventure games that can be a panacea to fill your spare time and too late.

Latest Android Adventure Game and Best 2017

1. Crasher
Crasher is an online adventure game latest Android developed by Korean developer, 4399enGame. Android adventure game that was originally only one using the Korean language, but eventually developed further into an English version in order to be played by gamers around the world.

Amazingly, this game has a rating of about 4.7  Android users in the Google Play Store. So no need to be denied when one game is nominated in the best RPG games in 2016. Well, if you’re curious about the fun adventure game Crasher. Download the application now in the Google Play Store.

2. Seven Knights
Seven Knights is the latest adventure Android game developed by South Korean developer named Netmarble Games. Game Seven Knights has been downloaded by more than 5 million users, and its size is small, which is 44MB. Rating obtained also quite good, which is 4.3 stars out of some 226 300 users. Of course this is proof that this game must also be considered have fun.

Gameplay Seven Knights also quite unique, here you will become a knight facing and against the god of destruction in order to restore peace Ladenberg State. Additionally, you will be assisted by Evan and Karin to unify all the knights in the world. Let’s download the latest adventure game is now only on the Play Store.

3. Thor: TDW-The Official Game
The next Android adventure game that is not less exciting is Thor: TDW-The Official Game. Surely you are not familiar with the character super hero Thor. Thor is a Marvel super hero who starred on the big screen, plus Thor is one of the American personnel super hero group, namely The Avanger.

Game Thor: TDW – The Official Android is an adventure game for free from the developer Gameloft production with quality 3D graphics. Well, if you want to play this adventure android game, then you should use free memory for storing data files 1,6GB for the best game.

Actually, the story line Android adventure game tells the story of the prince Dark Elf and mortal enemy named Asgard. Asgard itself an invasion leader job to destroy the Nine Worlds. While Thor himself scrambling to save the universe from destruction atrocities done by the Dark Elf.

4. Criminal Case
Criminal Case is an Android game online adventure further in the stretcher out of the game up, labeled Gameplay Criminal Case. Rule of this game is to solve a series of murders there in any event. Here you are required to investigate and seek evidence.

Let’s quickly examine crime scenes for clues and evidence, as well as drag unexpected murder case to be interrogated, as well as rigorous evidence to arrest the killers.

On Android games adventure features 5 exciting features and unique that you should not miss, such is investigating the various crime scenes in town, check out the instructions and a sample to look for evidence, play with friends to become the best detective of all time, interrogate witnesses and alleged, then bring the killers to justice.

5. Iron Man 3-Official Game
Android offline adventure game that is not less exciting and extremely popular in the Google Play Store is Iron Man 3 – Official Game. Who does not know the super hero character with this one?