3 Android RPG Games Need To Try

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3 Android RPG Games Need To Try – Of course you are not familiar with RPG games or Role Playing Games. This genre game will give players the opportunity to involve themselves fully explore the fascinating fantasies. You can spend hours just exploring the characters in the game you play.

Indeed there are currently many choices of Android RPG games that look cool to play. However, of course we can not play all games. In addition, not all RPG games are nice and interesting to play. The problem is, deciding which games are worth playing is not an easy matter. But quietly, in this article, we will help you by reviewing some of the best Android RPG Games and worth playable.

3 Android RPG Games Need To Try
3 Android RPG Games Need To Try

Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition

The first is Baldur’s Gate II which is one of the greatest RPG games ever. In this game, you will create a group of heroes, unleashing the stranglehold of Irenicus’s wicked grip, and adventure across the vast world. This RPG game uses the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules, making it challenging enough to play. Many players recommend this game as it offers a fun game experience. If you have an Android phone of sufficiently good specification, then try to install and play it.

Final Fantasy

This game is certainly no stranger to our ears, maybe even you who read it ever play it. The classic RPG game that was first released in 1987 is still survive and develop until now. There have been many sequels of games that have been released to date, where the series is currently on XV.

With the development of smartphones and Android, Square Enix as a developer has prepared some components of the game support to Android. Parts-1 through Part-9 are available in the Play Store, where you have to spend around 200-thousand rupiah. While the first part has simple graphics, Final Fantasy VII and IX have interesting graphics.

Walking Dead: Road to Survival

The Telltale Games developers have worked hard to show how great The Walking Dead series is so popular. This free Android game becomes one of the best RPG games and is popular with many people. This game will probably remind us of Simpsons: Tapped out related game mechanism. When you play it, you will probably spend a lot of time because you are required to build your own base. In addition, you will face the undead. This fight-based turn system while maintaining an interesting groove and gameplay to play.

In order to successfully carry out this game mission, you are required to plan the attack tactically. You will get new tools and weapons that are very helpful to fight against an increasingly difficult enemy. This RPG game looks impressive with the presence of a slick graphics with a long replay. In addition, this game supports multiplayer mode so you can compete with others.

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