How to Accelerate Android Phone Performance Without Application

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How to Accelerate Android Phone Performance Without Application – Android devices in the form of smartphones and tablets need to be treated. Type of maintenance one of them to keep the performance remains smooth and stable like when new Android device purchased.

How to Accelerate Android Phone Performance Without Application
How to Accelerate Android Phone Performance Without Application

Our tendency in using Android devices is like trying new applications that are interesting or trend. This could have an impact on your gadget’s performance capabilities to degenerate.

Storage of files that are too meet the storage space can be one cause. Although you’ve added microSD via an external slot, sometimes this way has not been able to speed up the performance of your Android device.

If you want to keep your HP or tablet in top shape but do not want to root. You come to the right site because in this article will be described how to lighten the android performance without root and without additional applications.

Steps to accelerate the performance of HP, Android tablets
Get familiar with your Android device specifications.
Curiosity about the new app so you install it is a reasonable action. But you know, that not all apps are suitable for your gadget. What you need to pay attention to is your HP or tablet specifications.

HD-based gaming apps are certainly not suitable to be installed on a low-specification Android device may even be foolhardy. Apps that display a lot of ads also potentially make your gadget suffer from fatigue. Choose apps that do not force your HP to work too heavily.

Update your operating system.
It is undeniable that updating the operating system is one way to lighten the performance of your Android device. But unfortunately not all vendors provide a formal operating system updates.

One vendor that provides software updates on a regular basis is Oppo. Although not all supported operating system upgrade to the latest version of Android, but Oppo consistently launch software updates to fix a particular bug.

Install the app as necessary
As has been previously that the number of applications can slow the performance of Android gadgets. It would be nice if you install an application that you think it is necessary, because it can burden the performance of RAM and make your Android device become slow.

Turn off unused apps
The way we work the usual open applications simultaneously can burden the performance of RAM. Although at one time you did not interact with all applications at once. This is one of the reasons why your HP often lag and slow.

In the multitasking button you will be able to see which applications are running in the background. We recommend that you periodically turn off apps that are no longer in use. Simple steps you can use the clear memory applications that are usually already installed from the manufacturer.

Use widgets as necessary
This widget not only road if used only, but will always run in the background even though the smartphone is in a state of silence. The way it works is the same as trimming the RAM space, so from that if you attach unnecessary widgets eg “qick access” in configurations such as wifi, Bluetooth devices, and GPS, then it would be nice to delete it.

Wear a microSD Card that has a high speed

Choosing a microSD Card is a good idea, not just the price factor you are considering. FYI, microSD Card is divided into several classes. These classes indicate read and write speeds. This speed affects the performance of your Android device.

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