The Cause and How to resolve stuck Android When Playing Game

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The Cause and How to resolve stuck Android When Playing Game – Can not be denied that now Android game able to compete games that are in PC. Now the company’s founding company is not just competing in PC-based games, because Android game enthusiasts, Windows Phone, iOS and other smartphones increasingly bounce up, but because it can be played anywhere because it also does not take too much to play it.

The Cause and How to resolve stuck Android When Playing Game
The Cause and How to resolve stuck Android When Playing Game

But do not want you guys dong while playing your smartphone hang. Well here we will discuss how to overcome Android hang when playing games. Here are some of the causes Android hangs when playing games:

You install too many applications. Because some Android apps quietly eat up the RAM in the background without our knowledge. Well game it also takes up quite a lot of RAM in add some applications that take RAM in secret. So check your application immediately, so smooth again while playing the game and not having a hang.

Too many apps are running, what is a running app? The application running is always an active application such as Facebook, Instagram, Line, etc .. Because there is notification or notification system in the application so the application will still run even if the application is already on the screen from your smartphone
Note the capacity of your Android RAM, because each Android smartphone has a different capacity RAM different so install the application as necessary if you want to play the game and note, the system needs to be filled when going to play games in order not to hang when playing games on Android.

Cache too much, what is cache? Cache can be said is the files of an application that is not used or garbage you can see the size of each application cache by entering the settings and application info.

Root, have you done rooting on your smartphone? But still often have hangs on your Android? may occur because it is less than perfect when you are rooting your Android, so can try to repeat the root steps correctly.
Viruses, viruses are not just in the PC, because Android can also be exposed to the virus, has a lot of the best Android antivirus application in the Play Store to check whether your Android virus or not. Perform regular virus scans for your Android not to hang again.

The use of motion themes or wallpaper, because the use of themes or motion wallpaper will also eat your Android RAM quite a lot, so this is also one that makes your Android hang while playing the game.
Game does not support with your version of Android, because every game has special needs that must be filled in your Android device.

Well now we will discuss how to cope with hang on Android, because if you just know the problem alone without knowing how to solve it just the same, yuk directly read:

Remove any apps or games you do not need so that your internal and external memory is not full and not many apps run on your Android background. The way is also quite easy just go to the settings, applications, and select applications that are not in use.

Clearing the cache on your Android because cache buildup can make your memory full. The way is the same as deleting the app but select the option that clears the app cache.

Clean the virus on your Android by using anti-virus applications that can be downloaded in the Play Store, do regular scanning for your Android protected from dangerous viruses.

Avoid using motion wallpaper or theme on your Android, because it will eat up a lot of RAM on your Android.
Update your Android OS version if any updates are updated as any updates will resolve bugs or problems that exist in previous versions.

If all is tried but still hanging up, do reset factory settings or Reset factory data, with this your Android will be refreshed again. you can do by entering the settings and select the option set the factory settings, every Android has a different location but its feature is definitely there in every Android.

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