Characteristics of android mobile phone Headset Good and Qualified

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Characteristics of android mobile phone Headset Good and Qualified – Are you looking for a headset for your smartphone? But you are confused to choose which one. For the market many types of headsets of different types, models and brands. If there is no guide or reference at all surely you will be confused choosing a good headset for your smartphone.

Characteristics of android mobile phone Headset Good and Qualified
Characteristics of android mobile phone Headset Good and Qualified

Apparently not just a brand or expensive price that can provide comfort in wearing a headset, but the model and quality of a good headset that will provide comfort for you. Both the quality of materials used for such devices are the sound quality fibers resulting from the headsets you wear.

For more details you can follow our reviews about the characteristics of a good headset so you are not disappointed after buying your new headset later.

Differences Headsets, Headphones and Earphones

In term can be defined that the headset is an audio device that consists of earphones or headphones incorporated with a microphone in a single tool. Obviously the headset consists of speakers and mix, able to listen at once to speak. The headset’s basic function is to receive a call, hear and talk or have a conversation.

While the headphones are a listening device only. Just like a headset but no microphone. While the same earphones as headphones, but different shapes, earphones smaller form and how life can clog directly ears.

Types of Earphones on the Market

From the form of his bud earphone / headphone is divided into two namely:

In ear monitor: the shape of earphones with a bud made of rubber that can enter the ear hole.
Ear bud: the type of headphones that use a bud made of plastic, shaped like hard. This type of headphone is only attached to the outside and usually there are many air gaps that enter the ear. So for your convenience when choosing these types of headphones make sure the size fits your ears, not dancing and not too big.

The other type is earphones On-ear is the type of earphone or headphone that uses a headband, so simply stick to the earlobe. This type of earphone also consists of two types of lightweight and some are heavy with the use of earplugs, earphone model is called earphones over the ear.

Good Headset Specifications

You already know about the terms and different types of headphones, to know the quality level of the headset, you need to know the specs of the headset is so vigorous. Here are some technical specifications that you need to consider when choosing a headset:

Impedance: Principally the higher the impedance of the headphone device the less current flow the less. To achieve optimal power or best sound quality one of them is the suitability of the impedance derived from the voltage current source with the impedance of the earphone.
Sensitivity: If you use a headset to listen to music, you should select earphones that have medium or mid-range sensitivity. If you choose a high-range sensitivity level, and only use half the volume of sound, this will harm your ears. Make sure you choose headphone with mid-range sensitivity for your hearing safety.

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