The Most Conspicuous Differences in Hardcase and Mobile Softcase

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The Most Conspicuous Differences in Hardcase and Mobile Softcase – You want your phone protected from the possibility of damage due to collision, friction, or anything that can damage your mobile body. The solution you will find a mobile phone protector for physical phone more durable. You can use an extra case that protects your phone from possible impacts from impact or scratches.

The Most Conspicuous Differences in Hardcase and Mobile Softcase
The Most Conspicuous Differences in Hardcase and Mobile Softcase

The most widely used casing models today are Hardcase and softcase type. Hardcase and Softcase is its existence other than as a patron can also sweeten your mobile phone. Various models of hardcase and softcase for all types of mobile phones on the market. Starting from the price of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The colors and unique design make these accessories very attractive to most people in addition to its function that protects the body of the phone. By using hardcase or softcase your phone will be protected as well as appear more cool and handsome.

For those of you who like something unique you can choose hardcase or softcase designed limited edition, even you can order or custome hardcase or softcase for a more exclusive look. Suppose you want the image on your softcase is your own photo or design of your creation, then you can order this softcase or hardcase is custom in some outlets that provide custome casing hanpdhone service.

What is Hardcase?

Hardcase, from his time just Hard (hard), then this hardcase can be interpreted as a hard casing type that is generally designed using metal materials and looks usually glossy. By using the hardcase casing type, will make your phone look more sturdy and elegant. This type of hardcase case in addition to protecting your phone from the impact can also funnel the heat on your mobile phone, its working function is similar to IC cooler plate and transistor in electronic circuit. The metal material can absorb the heat from excessive use of mobile phones. Using hardcase made from metal can reduce the excessive heat on the phone, thus allowing spart part mobile phone more durable.

A common disadvantage if you use hardcase is vulnerable to cracking and may break when hit hard. But the crack or the breakup of this hardcase does not matter the origin of the handphonnya no problem.

What is Softcase?

Softcase is a type of protective Hp that much in demand. Made of soft material such as silokon, foam with a layer of fabric is also in the design of leather.

Softcase is classified as a protective type that can reduce and resist impact. Using softcase will be more comfortable than using hardcase, because the material is so easy to hold lebut.
The weakness of this softcase tends to be easier to get dirty and can not drain the heat of the mobile phone, because the nature of the basic material is only able to withstand the heat, but does not drain the heat out like the type of metal that becomes hardcase material. So using the softcase in a long time can also affect the durability of mobile phones.

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