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Download Viber Android APK

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Download Viber Android APK this is the best of em all! I talk to my family miles and mimes away! My phone service is active I have this to talk to my family that don’t have service” great app. I only wish y’all would fix it so it is not so scratchy sounding and cutting in and out at times. Works great other than that. Must have for people that have smart phones that don’t have service.

Download Viber Android APK

Viber popular messaging and VoIP application is now available for download from Android Market and uninvited! You can call and send text messages to your contacts Viber for free! Here all the news and download links Viber Android APK.

Viber Final Android App

Viber is a VoIP client for Android and iOS, which Viber  allows you to make calls and send text messages to other users for free using 3G or WiFi. This means that you can communicate a totally free with your friends who also have installed the application, either with another iPhone or an Android phone (soon also add support for BlackBerry).

One of the main virtues of  Viber is its simplicity. The application only has a phone dialer from which we can call or send text messages to any contact you have the application for free, whether you have an Android mobile or iPhone.

Viber for Android was in beta, but eventually the final version of this wonderful application is now available to download for free from the Market.

Download Viber Android APK

Download Viber for Android

Viber is now available for download from the Android Market for free. You can also download Viber Android APK app from the following link. This application requires Android 2.0 or higher for optimal performance Android  Froyo 2.2 is recommended.

I recommend those who have installed the beta version, uninstall it before than install the final version.


Download Viber Android Market

What is going on, after viber program udating today all of the time when I tried to use viber I reseive a message for storage problem? What does it mean I have enough storage capacity? This pop up is so annoing , pleeaase fix that!

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