How to Fix Mobile Phone Speaker caused of Water-Affected

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How to Fix Mobile Phone Speaker caused of Water-Affected – Smartphones are now very global, from the still a child to have been classified as having an average smartphone either Windows Phone, Android, iOS, or others. Besides viewed from the negative side, smartphones also have many positive sides for us, such as facilitate communication, and almost simplify in all our activities. The price of smartphones are also varied there are expensive there are standard. Well of course you have a favorite smartphone right?

How to Fix Mobile Phone Speaker caused of Water-Affected
How to Fix Mobile Phone Speaker caused of Water-Affected

What else to buy from the results of his own hard work would not want if his smartphone is damaged. There is a lot of damage on the smartphone that is often experienced by the average user, from broken LCD, speakers, into water, etc. Well as we will discuss this later, we will discuss how to fix the hp speakers are exposed to water.

If your hp exposed to water do not panic immediately because not all hp if exposed to water will be damaged immediately and Do not be too quickly brought to the service because sometimes the service will open a very expensive price just because of trivial problems. If you are listening to crackling or crackle sounds coming from your mobile phone or smartphone speakers, this indicates that there has been a static breakdown on your phone or smartphone.

This problem is actually most often associated with computer speakers, but can also occur on any speaker including the speaker phone. This static disorder can be eliminated as long as you can solve the problem and discover where the source of the static interference is. If your hp speaker or smartphone hit by water do not panic immediately and take it to the counter or hp service place. Immediately see this how to fix hp speakers are exposed to water:

Dry the speakers

Maybe if you feel that the speakers have problems, maybe because your ear or sweaty hands and also can outside air is moist (dew), immediately turn off your phone or smartphone first. Wait a few minutes until the speakers feel completely dry and no dew. Can also help the dryer process by fanning the speakers either manually or with a fan. Turn the test phone back on again if the speakers are working normally or not working, if not go to the second way.

Check the volume settings

Some phones or smartphones may have different settings. Try adjusting the speaker volume of your mobile phone at the highest or maximum level by going to settings -> Flare -> Volume can also use volume buttons owned by any mobile or smartphone. Then test by turning on a song or other sound source that plays the sound. If you hear a distorted and static sound, then you need to lower the volume. If you still can not you need to do the next way.

Open your Hp case

If the first and second ways have not succeeded, then do this way open your mobile phone casing, then then dry your HP in the hot sun or in hot place can also in wind wind right. So that the water inside the speakers evaporate and become dry, so your speakers can run or in use with normal again.

Dry Hp with rice medium

Put your phone into a bucket or a bag of rice that still contains (not rice will but rice), heap your HP deep into the rice. Wait up to 1-2 hours, after being felt dry can be taken and try to use or try to play a song or other sound media, If still can not continue to the last way.

That some of our info may be useful and can help you in repairing your damaged speakers exposed to water or sound broke, with it you do not need to spend a lot of money to bring your favorite smartphone to hp counter. Because in addition to costing quite a lot and also time so less so you can not immediately use your smartphone.

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