How to Fix Speaker of Cellphone Which Sound Is Broken Based Cause

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How to Fix Speaker of Cellphone Which Sound Is Broken Based Cause –  This time we will explain about how to fix hp speakers that sound broke, because speakers are an important part of your smartphone, you can play music, to see movies, ringtones, etc. Obviously very disturbed if your speakers sound broke, because when the speakers sound broke will sound an unpleasant sound in the hear.

How to Fix Speaker of Cellphone Which Sound Is Broken Based Cause
How to Fix Speaker of Cellphone Which Sound Is Broken Based Cause

But do not rush to take to the counter or the service because your smartphone is not necessarily damaged and to minimize total expenditure of course, in addition to minimizing expenditure is also not necessarily when your smartphone or phone when in service will be on that day as well. Well now we will discuss the causes and how to handle broken speakers.

Speaker is torn or damaged

If there is physical damage to one of the components of this speaker then you should try to buy a new and good quality, or better original so that the sound is back. Usually the component of the damaged speakers in the mark with or there is a small tear in the speakers. You can check it also by opening the case on your smartphone or hp

Gassing dust

Because many speakers have dust and dirt in it, so that the vibration of the speakers stuck by dust and dirt that sticks to your smartphone speakers. You can check it by opening the case on your smartphone and then blowing or using another way to remove dust attached

Maximize volume sound

This is very important to avoid, usually we like to use the volume above average to play your favorite songs to be satisfied and can be heard by others, even this is a trigger damage the speakers because it will with maximum power and shorten the life of the speakers. In addition to shortening the life of the speakers can also damage your hearing system and drain your battery quickly.

Short speaker path

Can be checked with you open the casing and look carefully and detail on the path that connects between the smartphone connected with the smartphone, there could be something attached, or maybe one of them began to peel off and peel on the cable, or maybe also just stick a few small fibers only and make the distribution of the sound flow is not smooth and his voice so or broken so when the listening is not good in the ear.

To play games with max volume

Unconsciously Often times when we play the game with a loud voice and too push its performance can also result in making your smartphone speakers become broken. So use just enough volume when you play the game otherwise you can use earphones or headset for more leverage.

that’s some info from us, about how to fix the hp speaker whose voice is broken. Hopefully useful and can help you in repairing your damaged speakers or sound broke, with it you do not need to spend a lot of money to bring your favorite smartphone to hp counter. In addition to eating a lot of price in place of service is also not necessarily your favorite smartphone will be so quickly. And of course we mention also its cause to avoid happening its broken speakers to you.

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