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FXGuru full version android apk

Saturday, 16 February 2013, 13:24 | Android Apk | 0 Comment | 14232 Views
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FXGuru full version android apk - This app is great! I like that the effects aren’t messed up by the camera sway! Great for playing tricks on my sis after she’s had a few drinks! ” oh my god how did that happen!!” lmfao. Works great on my phone! Love it. It reminds me of Action Movie FX on Apple but better.

fxguru apk download

Add the fun and excitement of big-budget Hollywood sci-fi and action movie effects to any video. FxGuru’s Movie FX Director offers groundbreaking features for you to blow-away your friends, including:

★ A huge assortment of visual FX from explosive action scenes to heart-pounding sci-fi
★ Proprietary MotionMatch™ technology lets you add realistic movement while filming
★ Effects that last over ten seconds give you time for enhanced creativity
★ Virtual Decals provide guidance for each effect to align your shots seamlessly

3 FREE effects included:

☆ Capture an old Satellite as it crashing to earth
☆ Film a UFO landing craft as it roars overhead
☆ Direct an explosive TNT Barrel destroying anything nearby

A wide variety of other effects are available for in-app purchase, including:

★ Sci-Fi Movie / Futuristic / Alien FX: Mech Attack; UFO Arrival; UFO Invasion; UFO Calling; Alien Probe; Meteor Strike

★ Action Movie / Weapons / Military FX: Flamethrower; Cruise Missiles; Molotov Cocktail; Bunker Buster; Grenade; Building Demolition; Rocket Launcher

With FxGuru you can:

☆ Avoid chores by blowing up your lawnmower, bathroom or pile of leaves.
☆ Astound friends by filming a UFO invasion over your backyard.
☆ Clear space in your driveway by destroying that old car or RV.
☆ Your only limit is your imagination!

Send your best movie FX ideas to an FX guru at ideas@picadelic.com

fxguru more info :


fxguru download : www.filecrop.com/fxguru.apk.html

This FXGuru full version android apk is a very entertaining app. The added effects are just awesome. I do wish that there were more effects to add and that perhaps they were a tad cheaper. Even at $9 for 13 of them isn’t too bad.

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