How To Increase Android GPU Performance Without Root

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How To Increase Android GPU Performance Without Root – Surely there are still many for you who experience lag on your Android hp either while playing the game or when in a regular play. Do not panic immediately, because your Android is not necessarily damaged because of many factors that can cause your Android phone can lag or hang. Examples can be because most applications, never update the Android OS, rarely scan your Android, etc.

How To Increase Android GPU Performance Without Root
How To Increase Android GPU Performance Without Root

Well here we will discuss how to improve the Android GPU without root, because the GPU is one factor that makes your Android phone it’s performance smoothly or lag and hang. Types of Android GPUs:

  • Mediatek
  • Qualcom Snapdragon
  • Intel
  • Nvidia Tegra
  • Exynos

Here we will teach how to improve GPU and Android performance without root. Steps to improve Android GPU without root:

1. Specifications and smartphone capabilities

This is the most basic, Some apps tend to request large resources in image rendering, video or memory, usually game apps. this will make you wiser in using the phone. If your smartphone is small then do not run the application with the load that should be borne by a very large force. To find out Android spec, you can install a CPU-Z app that you can download on the Play Store.

2. Turn off unused apps

Because apps running in the background if too much will disrupt the performance of RAM and cause your android to be slow.

3. Remove unused applications

Remove the unused apps, by entering settings, selecting apps, then searching for unused and deleted apps.

4. Sync feature (Synchronization)

what to do sync with decreasing your Android performance? so, synchronization is great for customizing your data with google server. But simultaneously with this process demands to refresh the data on the phone and server at any given interval or time.

5. Update your Android version

How to? quite easy if your hp type always provides updates, can check the settings, select about the phone, and select check for updates.

6. Turn off Android Animation

The way is easy, open the settings, developer options, window animation, animation scale 1x and then select Animations is off.

Reduce the use of widgets

This one is rarely noticed by most people, what is a widget? you must often see in Android Android someone there is a clock with temperature gauge, well that’s called widgets there are many types of widgets. Widgets will eat your RAM because widgets will run continuously in your background, so reducing the use of widgets will increase your Android performance to be stronger.

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