Infinite Flight Simulator APK Mod Unlocked 17.12.0

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Infinite Flight Simulator APK Mod Unlocked 17.12.0 Awesome game. Especially now, that they have added global. I can finally travel the world on my phone with stunning realistic graphics. Although it doesn’t have complete terminals and the complete airports you can still communicate with ATC and other aircraft around.

Infinite Flight Simulator APK Mod Unlocked 17.12.0
Infinite Flight Simulator APK Mod Unlocked 17.12.0

Infinite Flight Simulator APK Mod Unlocked 17.12.0 description:

Fly a large selection of highly detailed aircraft in regions across the world – day and night – in many atmospheric condition, and with a wide range of weight configurations. Improve your skills with our advanced camera and replay system, letting you scrutinize every portion of your flight.


  • 35 aircraft (17 included + 18 available for purchase): Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Cessna, Cirrus, etc.
  • 14 regions each covering thousands of square kilometers (7 included + 7 available for purchase)
  • Multiplayer
  • All major airports with precise runway and taxiway layouts
  • Flight planning
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • Advanced Autopilot Flight Simulator (supports Altitude, Heading, Throttle and Vertical Speed)
  • Advanced replay system
  • Time and weather conditions
  • Weight and balance configuration
  • Introductory and takeoff flight lessons
  • Logbook
  • Achievements
  • ForeFlight sync support (View your airplane position in ForeFlight as well as Live Traffic)
  • And much more…

We’re a team of highly dedicated aviation and flight simulator enthusiasts and are eager for your feedback. If you don’t like something, before rating, you can contact us directly using:
• email (
• Facebook (
• in the “About” section of the flight simulator


• Added MD-11/MD-11 Freighter, DC-10, DC-10 Freighter and KC-10 refueling tanker featuring many animated elements and 4K textures
• Greatly improved network code for smoother animations and more realistic formation flights
• Added aerial refueling capabilities for fighter jets and tankers.
• Added autopilot to fighter jets
• Many squashed bugs and small performance improvements.

Infinite Flight Simulator APK Mod Unlocked 17.12.0 more info:

Download url:

Love the controls and also the autopilot. I hope they keep adding more upgrades like terminals or gates and at least have background noises to hear the passengers boarding. Finally I would like Infinite Flight Simulator APK Mod, for whenever I switch to wing view to not be loud.

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