How To Multiple Windows on Android Without Root

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How To Multiple Windows on Android Without Root – Today the use of android-based smart phones are already mushrooming where – where ya buddy. The mushrooming of this android is not only among the moneyed or upscale, but nowadays android has mushroomed in all circles of yeah buddy, both old, young, teenagers, all have been using the device or application of this android.

How To Multiple Windows on Android Without Root
How To Multiple Windows on Android Without Root

Besides indeed because of its more comfortable and sophisticated features to use, the system on android this not difficult to use as in most devices or other expensive applications. In addition to excellence as already mentioned above, it turns out there is another your other advantages that you can maximize from your favorite android pal.

How to Multi Windows on Android Without Root

One of the impressive features of android is the multi window system recently offered by one of the leading smartphone brands. But my friend, unfortunately not all types of smartphones can feel the uniqueness and sophistication of this multi window android, which can only be used on the type of smartphone that has the specification of a friend.

In addition to the definition of multi window, the author will also discuss what is root. Well buddy, root itself is a root (in accordance with the meaning of the root word). While root android can be said as the root of an android system.

While the root of the android system is where there is control or full access of a user on the phone or android dimilkinya. Root on android is usually not set as the default menu and will not be able to access without meeting certain steps or procedures to open the application.

As a root, android root is also interpreted as the core of the system, where a person or owner of the android can to delete, add, reduce the content and do other things or with other words more simple android user has full access to the device without limits android it has.

So if for example there are certain applications congenital from the manufacturer of the android, but according to you have not maximum or not in accordance with what you want and you need, you can just change or add application according to your desire that is by doing root.

Because as I have described above, the owner of the android has full rights or full access to change the application on the android. Or it could be concluded that if your android is rooted, you can be an administrator on your android and free to do whatever you want.

But this can not be done on all types of android ya buddy, of course there are certain specifications for the device can support. The term multi window is already known in advance on windows operating system. Smartphones are now more sophisticated and multi-window features like those on windows devices can now be applied to android devices as well. Multi-window feature itself is a feature that can run more than one application in one screen. How cool is my friend, do you want to try it?

Well buddy, for those of you who are interested to install multi window on your android but without root in the first, it’s good my friend all refer to the following reviews ya buddy, so you can practice yourself later on your favorite android. Let’s see my friend below.

Using Multi Window With Leena Launcher

How to multi windows in android without root the first is to use leena launcher. The Leena Laucher is a multi window application android that can be installed on your android without the need to root first. Basically, this app lets users find apps through a split screen that can open more than one.

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