How To Resolve iPhone Bootloop Easily

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How To Resolve iPhone Bootloop Easily – The gadget lovers would still answer the iPhone if asked what the best hp brand to be dream. Undeniable, the iPhone is still a king in this increasingly dynamic gadget world. Sophistication offered to make the iPhone is still an expensive item that can only be enjoyed by upper middle class society. However, as sophisticated and as good as anything made by humans, there are still shortcomings in it. This almost invisible deficiency is a very common problem: the iPhone is booting.

How To Overcome iPhone Bootloop Easily
How To Overcome iPhone Bootloop Easily

The bootloop iPhone is most commonly due to an application installation or tweak from Cydia that does not match the iOS version of the device we have. Although the way jailbreak the iPhone can be spelled is not too difficult, but the shortcomings can be one cause hp bootloop.

Bootloop also often happens because of the many applications and themes that have been installed on our device. Not only that, the problem of hardware failure can also trigger bootloop phones or even stuck in the Apple logo like damage to one component. However, iPhone users need not worry. Because whatever the problem there must be a way out. Includes bootloop problem on this iPhone. Here are some ways to overcome the iPhone bootloop. What the hell, let’s listen!

1. Do a Hard Reset on iPhone

Jailbreak iPhone does allow you to install various applications and themes. But the more that downloaded will cause the iPhone bootloop. The easiest way to solve this problem is to hard reset the device. These are:

Press the HOME + POWER button simultaneously for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears
Press and hold the Volume UP button when the device is booting
Then go to Springboard and open Cydia
Recall what application we installed last before the iPhone device bootoop, then delete the application
After that try to reboot on the iPhone. If the reboot process has finished and go to the home screen means this way has been successfully done

2. Restore iOS on Device

If the first way has not succeeded in making iphone recover from bootloop, try this way. This requires the help of iTunes app and computer as the media. Previously we must understand first how the iPhone can connect to iTunes. Well, for more easy here’s how:

Press the HOME + POWER button until the iPhone screen turns off
Set up the USB that matches the device (original)
Connect the device with computer with USB then run iTunes
Position the device into Device Firmware Update (DFU) by pressing the HOME and POWER buttons simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds. Release POWER button while still pressing HOME button. After about 10 seconds release the HOME button
iTunes will display a message if the above steps are properly done. Then after getting the message, iTunes will automatically process device restore to default position.
After the restore process is complete the iPhone will reboot by itself. iTunes gives you the option to restore from backups you’ve done. This process takes approximately 2 – 3 hours duration
After the restore process, a notification will appear and the device will reboot.
Finally, sync your device with iTunes already owned

3. Through Recovery Mode

Another way to overcome this bootloop iPhone is by going through recovery mode. Similarly how to overcome iPhone stuck in the iTunes logo, this step is done when iTunes can not be detected. The trick is actually very easy, just still need to be careful. Here are the steps:

Turn off iPhone device first
Set up the USB that matches the device (original)
Set up a computer that already has an iTunes app. Remember, do not enter the iPhone lightning port first
Press and hold the HOME button for a few seconds
Press and hold until the iTunes logo appears on the iPhone screen

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