How to Save the Best and Efficient Android Battery

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How to Save the Best and Efficient Android Battery – If likened to the battery on your phone is life, so when the battery is exhausted then automatically your phone can not be used. Many of us are ignoring the battery on the phone, a small example is to charge the battery overnight. Please note that the battery has its own layers, if we do overcharging it will result in a decrease in the battery work.

How to Save the Best and Efficient Android Battery
How to Save the Best and Efficient Android Battery

Before we discuss about how to save Android battery, then the author will be a little about the battery on the phone. Includes any components that exist on the phone battery, the type and type, as well as the capacity of each battery and so forth.

In general, the battery on Android phones have a voltage of 4.8 Volts with a capacity of 1200 mAh. It has four poles ie Ground, Bid, BSI / Btemp, positive pole for VCC battery. Where these four poles have their own working system, the positive poles flow a positive electric current while the negative pole where the electric current flows towards the ground. Bid or called Battery Indication is the phone line to identify the type of battery used, this Bid pole is related to the negative pole. So this can detect early if we use a battery that is not original by means of a notice on our phone screen if there is an error in the battery.

For BSI or called Battery Size Indicator is a tool to measure the limit of voltage capacity that is allowed to be stored by the battery. So on the battery on the phone has been installed a tool whose name is the regulator which has a function to adjust the needs of other circuit so safe if we do excessive battery charging, but remember this regulator has the maximum power so if we too often do the battery overload then the regulator will be quickly damaged, if damaged the battery working system becomes not maximal and marked by a bubble battery.

Android Hp Battery Type

If we have discussed about the poles on the battery, then the author will discuss about the various kinds of batteries on Android phones. Based on the basic material battery on Android phones is divided into two.

Tips to Save Android Hp Battery

Here the author will give you 25 tips on how to make power savings on the battery in your phone, as for the tips are as follows:

1. Discipline in Charging

This step is the first step you must apply if you want to hp battery durable. Immediately do the charging if it feels power on the battery is below 15% and immediately stop charging the battery if it has reached 100%. Do not do battery charging overnight, battery has maximum capacity even though it is equipped with regulator. In addition the authors suggest to turn off if charging the battery. But it would be better if we get used to the discipline in charging the battery.

2. Turn off the phone

Turning off the phone does not hurt if our position is resting, such as being at home and sleeping at night. Remember togetherness with family and loved ones is also more important than our mobile phone. According to data from WHO that the radiation on cell phones is carcinogenic that is able to influence the composition of human nerves that result in cancer and tumors. So it would be better if while sleeping at night, turn off your phone with health goals and certainly save power on the battery in our phone.

3. Lowering Brightness on Screen

Decreasing the brightness of the screen is very important to save battery power, so the authors suggest to set the screen brightness below 50% only. If you have a vision deficiency, you can adjust the screen brightness at 50% position. While for you who still have good vision level set the screen brightness at position 20-30%. This can save battery power usage.

4. Cleaning the Battery

Cleaning the battery you can do by cleaning on the poles, of course with dry tissue. Never clean the battery pole with a wet wipe or wet cloth as it causes rust on the poles.

5. Removing Widgets on Homescreen

Same as mentioned above, where some of the causes of the battery quickly run out one of them is the installation of too many widgets on the homescreen. Again the author recommends to install widgets as necessary only. Install widgets that are really needed such as SMS, Whatsapp, Telp, and camera. Because the four components are according to the writer is needed. In essence adjust the needs of each user.

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