Things That Can Enhance The Compulsory Android Phone Signal

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Things That Can Enhance The Compulsory Android Phone Signal – At the time of means your HP lost the signal so that your conversation in your HP just cut off. Anything that is cut off is of course an uncomfortable condition, as well as with communication that suddenly severed will certainly make us feel uncomfortable.

Things That Can Enhance The Compulsory Android Phone Signal
Things That Can Enhance The Compulsory Android Phone Signal

For Smartphone users, signaling or networking is an invisible thing but something that is strongly required also by its users to connect to their Smartphone. As we already know together, indeed the quality of our beloved signal in Indonesia is indeed uneven, this is due to the uneven network or satellite belonging to the providers in all regions of our country of course, so it can be ascertained the network or its signal is certainly not will be evenly distributed.

In fact, the need for communication by using Smartphone is increasingly increasing as we feel every day. Whether it’s a phone, sms, internet or even any other type of communication. But besides that, there are so many complaints about weak signal problems that the smooth communication.

Well buddy all, on this occasion the author will give some information to you all about some objects that can strengthen your Smartphone signal. What objects are included in this category, let us refer to the following reviews.

1. Aluminum Foil

The object that can amplify the first Smartphone signal is aluminum foil. To add signal strength to your Smartphone, you can try this one. Only with a small amount of aluminum foil the size of your Smartphone body, and combined with a razor blade, and then installing it on the back of your Smartphone, on your Smartphone battery, you can amplify your Smartphone signal.

This can be directly practice yourself because it is quite easy that is by wrapping a razor blade that you rub – rub it with a magnet, wrap the razor blade into aluminum foil that you cut the size of your Smartphone body and then pinned on your Smartphone battery.

So automatically the signal on your Smartphone will increase and tend to be more powerful and stable. The aluminum is a good electric conductor, so if you put it on your Smartphone it is expected that its signal will be stronger. Also read about how to amplify the hp signal with aluminum foil

2. Copper wire

The object that can amplify the second Smartphone signal is a copper wire. Copper wire is also a good electrical conductor that you can use to strengthen the signal or network in your Smartphone. How to use that is by making a circle like a per by using a wire made of copper with a diameter larger than the size of your Smartphone.

Then put your HP you the center of the circle per earlier. Try it all to prove the difference when you use per copper and without using it at all. Try my friend note the signal strength. In addition you can also per copper on your Smartphone casing to get better results.

This method is the simplest way yes buddy, because of course you all have glass glass or glass of metal at home respectively yes buddy. The way you just simply put your Smartphone in the glass that you have provided, of course, also the diameter of the glass you use must be greater than the size of your Smartphone of course.

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