Download Big Time Bangsta 1.2.1 APK

Download Big Time Bangsta 1.2.1 APK Update, u guys need to add more guns,foes and not just friends as foes more tasks not the same things everyday it getting old and it it shouldn’t come on with the updates and keep use playing i know u guys have some good ideas well lets do it already, sincerely Chuck M. P.s, then I’ll give the five stare rating back this is one of my fav games so it was hard too 2 stare it!! Because its a 10 stare really!!

Download Big Time Bangsta 1.2.1 APKTwo weeks before the release of version 1.2, Big Time Gangsta Androidjust received a small update, v1.2.1, which optimizes game performance and fixes several bugs from previous versions.

 In this game, you must create and arm your gang with the best weapons to control the streets of Mission Hill and show everyone who the real gangster city.

As mentioned earlier, this new version 1.2.1 is a minor update that fixes bugs from the previous version and improve performance. Here I leave the video for those who can not remember the game.

Downlaod Big Time Gangsta 1.2.1 Android apk

This new version of Big Time Bangsta and can be download Big Time Bangsta from Android Market for free. You can also download Big Time Bangsta 1.2.1 APK and Big Time Bangsta 1.2.1 SD (which weighs 51 MB) from the following links.

This game requires Android 2.0 or higher.

The Download Big Time Bangsta 1.2.1 APK game is very good and I would’ve put 5 stars but I took one away because… Fighting is confusing so I didn’t exspect a player controlled fight. I wish it could give u more money & heal faster.but i love the game best game i ever played that and call of mini zombies play call of mini my room in vs/co-op is razztraps room plz play my room.